Monday, July 24, 2017

Het Eind...

Well, this is it. The last email of my mission. It truly has flown by and I can't believe it's come already. It really hasn't hit me yet that this is my last day in Suriname, but I'm still sad that I'll be leaving this wonderful place soon.

The week was good! We had our last teaching visit with the Elders in Uitkijk and it was fun to be back in my old area again. We got to see Steve and Jolanda, my favorite members, so that was super cool and they're doing great and actually are going to the temple later this year, so I will probably be able to be there when they get sealed! That would be awesome! We also had to pack up the house since Elder Geigenmiller and Elder Dubbeld are going to be serving in both Kasabaholo and in Paramaribo, but in a different apartment, so that took a little bit of time. We contacted some really cool people this week that are looking good and have a lot of potential so that will be exciting to leave the area with. I got to see Br Wehl one last time yesterday which was awesome. He's incredible and such a consecrated member so that was special. I also saw the Nazirs and the Wangsas for the last time last night and that was the hardest. Brother Nazir has made a huge impact on my life and we will be friends forever. It's been so great getting to know him and seeing his work as a consecrated priesthood holder. I'll see some last people tonight and then that'll be it. We had a really good week and church was just awesome. Great last Sunday and Zuster Zeegelaar got back from her mission last week and spoke on Sunday. She was in my district earlier in my mission, so that was awesome to see her again. Great week!

I just want to thank everyone for their support, their love and their prayers that they have sent my way. I really have appreciated it and will never forget it. Keep on being awesome and thanks for changing my life. If anyone has any thoughts about serving a mission, do it! It will change you forever. I'm excited to see all of you soon. Love you all!
~Elder Burr
 Some last Surinamese rain and some of my favorite people! The Ibrahims (President Ibrahim from the distrcit presidency was OUT!), Broeder Wehl, and the Wangsas and Nazirs!

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