Monday, July 17, 2017

Waar is de tijd gegaan?

Where had the time gone? is the translation and it's true. This is my last full week of my mission and I'm not sure where all the time went. Seems like yesterday that I was in the MTC trying to learn Dutch! I'm determined to work hard until the end and we've got some good things going on that we are super excited about!

We had a pretty good week that was super crazy at the same time. Basically everything fell through this week, but it was still an awesome week. We had some really cool spiritual experiences. One of the spiritual experiences was with our investigator named Oede who lives across the street from the church. We had a lesson on Monday and on Wednesday with him and both of them went great! Monday we taught about the Restoration and I'll just say that I think that that was the best Restoration lesson that I've had on my mission. He just understood everything and the Spirit that was there was incredible. Way cool. On Wednesday, we brought the branch president, President Popken with us and he did awesome in the lesson about the Book of Mormon. He bore powerful testimony and it was just great! We also had the opportunity to bring the Crawfords with us to a lesson with a less active family and they did incredible in testifying that the Lord will provide a way for them to come to church. It was awesome! We also did some service for a member named Zuster Parmanand and we cut down one of her trees which was pretty awesome. I have some sweet blisters from it, which are just the evidence that we worked hard ;) I think the biggest success this week was with Brother Nazir. We had an incredible lesson with him and his family and his mother and father-in-law about God and they all learned things from the Spirit that they could could do better and it was sweet. He's also working with us a ton in missionary work and is really helping this branch out so much. He's in the branch presidency and the whole branch presidency and the leaders of the branch are all on fire and going out and bringing all of the less actives back to church. Brother Nazir is having a big part in that. Yesterday we had the opportunity to go with Brother Nazir and President Popken to the hospital to visit a member that got into a bad accident that was working on coming back to church. He messed up his neck really bad, but is making a good recovery and it was so good to be there to show our love for him and just to support him. Memories to remember forever. This week went really well and we've got some good things planned for this week! Should be great!

I also had a really big spiritual experience last night and this morning with my patriarchal blessing. Something took on a new meaning that I have never thought about before. I know that it was inspired of God and I'm grateful for the inspiration that I received! 

Love you all and I hope that you have an awesome week! You're the best!

~Elder Burr
 Service Project taking down a tree!

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